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At Dialectic, we deliver foundational mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineering designs as well as a wide range of specialty services while prioritizing communication and collaboration. The systems we design need to communicate and work in concert, so we take the same approach with our work. 

Engineering Services

We’re leaders in MEP design, known for delivering comprehensive, quality, dependable solutions on-time and on-budget. From design to build, our team is committed to working collaboratively and communicating clearly.

Mechanical Engineering

Our team has deep experience designing mechanical systems in a range of industries. We focus on delivering cost-effective, energy efficient and sustainable solutions. Our full-service approach allows us to help clients navigate any issue, from designing a maintenance program to managing codes and safety standards.

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Electrical Engineering

We’ve worked with a broad range of clients to power their facilities with cost-effective, efficient designs, from wiring and lighting to elevators and solar panels. Our electrical engineers understand how critical it is to partner closely with clients to ensure a design that meets both aesthetic needs and safety standards.

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Plumbing Engineering

From water supply and drainage to sewage and gas lines, our experience runs deep. Our plumbing engineers work with clients to design systems, create maintenance plans and understand the equipment’s life-cycle.

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Specialty Services

Dialectic’s engineering teams offer a range of specialized services to meet your niche needs. Our comprehensive portfolio of services ranges from BIM to industrial kitchen ventilation. Because we work on both standard and specialized projects, our MEP engineers bring innovative insights into every project.

Business Information Modeling

We leverage Business Information Modeling (BIM) to help clients reduce changes and mitigate design conflicts early so they can manage their costs effectively. By using 3D modeling, 4D scheduling and 5D cost estimating at the beginning of a project, we create a cohesive, comprehensive data set that gives developers more control over the project – and fewer surprises.

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Site Assessment

At Dialectic, we use site assessments to make sure a design’s execution aligns with the vision. Our MEP engineers recommend site visits before, during and after a project. This schedule allows us to mitigate risks swiftly and make sure projects stay on schedule and within budget.

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Lighting Design

We specialize in unique architectural designs – and the lighting that accompanies them. Our team understands the importance of making sure lighting integrates within a space naturally while meeting building codes, performance expectations, functional requirements.

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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Our engineers are highly experienced in the niche field of commercial kitchen ventilation. MEP engineering design plays a critical role in both operations and the health and well-being of employees. We’ve worked on everything from pollution control solutions and HVAC to grease waste solutions and hood application. Whether it’s a retrofit or a new design, Dialectic engineers have done it.

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We offer thorough, comprehensive Commissioning Services that work in concert with design and construction teams. Our Commissioning Services include pre-construction reviews, pre-functional checks and a range of critical tasks before handoff, from verifying staff training to follow-up visits.

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Licensed in All 50 States