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Building owners and consumers alike are interested in saving resources to lower costs and make a positive environmental impact. Industries around the world are doing their parts to build a greener future by lowering emissions, conserving water and using less power. We’re at the forefront of helping our clients achieve these goals.


At Dialectic, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve sustainability for ourselves and our clients. In our recent projects, we’ve:

  • Improved lighting efficiency with strategies that exceed energy codes and maximize flexibility
  • Designed higher-performing HVAC systems that feature improved air quality and green refrigerant alternatives
  • Specified plumbing fixtures and water heaters that consume less water and reduce standby losses

For high-performance building systems, Dialectic helps clients balance code standards and ecological objectives with business goals. Together, we weigh initial costs and material selection with the long-term benefits of lower energy use and water consumption. In the process, we consider maintenance, performance efficiency and system lifespan.

Our mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineers know sustainability is valuable for all projects regardless of certification. As experienced navigators of the current sustainability rating process, we are here to guide owners through the process. We’ve practiced environmentally responsible design since 1988. Today, we are MEP design leaders in sustainability. We are experienced in LEED certification, utility optimization, energy modeling and audits. Dialectic has completed more than 500 LEED-certified projects across the country and certified more than 1,000 Energy Star-labeled commercial buildings.

Sustainable MEP Systems and Strategies


  • Condensate collection systems
  • Gray water systems
  • High-efficiency boiler systems
  • High-efficiency plumbing systems
  • Rainwater collection systems
  • Solar water heating & heat pump water heaters
  • Variable-primary-pumping central chilled-water cooling plants
  • Variable-primary-pumping central hydronic heating plants
  • Water-side economizers
  • Water-source heat pumps


  • Evaporative condensers
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Demand ventilation controls
  • Displacement ventilation
  • Geothermal solutions
  • Ice storage
  • Low-temperature cooling
  • Modified dual-duct variable air volume
  • Outside air monitoring systems
  • Underfloor air distribution
  • VRF cooling & heating

Energy Management

  • Building automation systems
  • Building energy modeling
  • Daylight harvesting controls
  • High-efficiency lighting design
  • Photovoltaic power
  • System commissioning

Success Story: The Capital Grille

JKRP Architects called on Dialectic to solve a plethora of unique challenges as The Capital Grille moved to a new location in Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza district. The 100-year old building previously housed a retail location, requiring significant renovations. The new design featured two kitchens on different levels of the building, bringing another level of complexity to the project. Consistent communication led to proactive planning and quick resolutions to deliver a world-class customer experience.

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