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Net Zero

Efforts to reduce our impact on the environment have led businesses to pursue and implement net zero initiatives. Net Zero initiatives are environmentally responsible, and companies can save money over time by implementing efficient mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP)  systems.


A net zero initiative is a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the point where they are balanced by removal or offsetting processes. For your company to achieve net zero emissions, your business needs to be optimized to release no additional greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

There are many ways to achieve net zero, including using renewable energy sources, planting energy efficient trees on your property, and improving building energy efficiency. Benefits of net zero include:

Reduced Energy Costs

Net zero buildings are highly energy efficient with studies showing up to 50% savings on energy costs compared to traditional buildings.

Enhanced Productivity

Employees who work in net zero buildings have been shown to be more productive than those who don’t. That’s because buildings with net zero initiatives have better indoor air quality, lighting and an overall healthier working environment.

Improved Public Image

Consumers are increasingly interested in doing business with companies that are environmentally responsible. Implementing a net zero initiative is a great way to show your business’s commitment to sustainable practices, attracting more partners and customers.

Greater Talent Attraction

Job seekers look for employers that share their values. A net zero initiative attracts top talent who care about making a positive impact on our environment.

Experienced MEP engineers are essential for the efficient design and execution of net zero strategies. At Dialectic Engineering, we guide businesses through the process of setting realistic reduction goals and policies that align with priorities, helping to implement the initiatives that save money and reduce emissions.

Success Story: The Capital Grille

JKRP Architects called on Dialectic to solve a plethora of unique challenges as The Capital Grille moved to a new location in Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza district. The 100-year old building previously housed a retail location, requiring significant renovations. The new design featured two kitchens on different levels of the building, bringing another level of complexity to the project. Consistent communication led to proactive planning and quick resolutions to deliver a world-class customer experience.

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