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EV Charging Stations

At Dialectic, we specialize in delivering comprehensive plans for EV infrastructure in a range of facility types, from outfitting stations for a public EV fleet to retail parking garages.


The demand for EV charging stations is high and continues to increase. In fact, experts estimate that over the next two decades, we’ll need between 350 and 500 million EV charging stations. At Dialectic, we’re passionate about sustainability – and efficiency. We’re excited to work with a range of clients on EV infrastructure, offering Title 24-compliant designs that meet consumers’ growing demand for charging stations in a practical way that meets developers’ budgets. These projects require significant experience, from designing the electrical distribution and conduit layouts to providing prefabricated solutions to existing sites for rapid procurement and installation.

We understand the delicate balance developers face. On one hand, they want to meet consumers’ growing demand for EV charging stations. On the other, each station represents real estate that could be used in a different way if demand falters. We navigate those concerns with our clients in a clear and collaborative manner, always prioritizing open communications.

Our engineers at Dialectic simplify the process by planning and designing infrastructure for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 EV charging systems. From permits to installation, we consider every aspect of the project to produce optimal results.

Cost-effective solutions

Adapting to emerging technologies can be an expensive endeavor. We get that. We have a bias toward delivering cost-effective solutions – and options – to meet our clients’ budgetary needs.

Sustainability experts

We deliver sustainable designs in every market sector, so we bring not only experience to our work in the EV space, but passion. Our engineers are well-versed in the power of sustainability and share that on every project.

Operational efficiency

Developers need to use every square inch of space efficiently. We balance operational excellence with cost-effective solutions, delivering EV designs that meet consumers’ needs without breaking the bank.

Powerful partners

We value collaboration and communication, which makes us a powerful partner to any group. In fact, our clients say they come back to us over and over not only for our expertise – though that’s critical – but because our commitment to collaboration breeds real partnerships.

Success Story: EV Charging Stations

When a retail and technology company wanted to change its delivery fleet to electric vehicles, it reached out to Dialectic, who it had worked with previously. Dialectic reviewed and improved an existing design and worked with vendors to ensure the installation, plug-and-play solution and Title 24-compliant design were employed effectively. Dialectic also worked with vendors to provide prefabricated solutions to existing sites for rapid procurement and installation.

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