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Mixed-use developments are one of the fastest growing commercial real estate trends and it’s no surprise. They deliver both convenience and community, offering people a single location to do everything from work to work out. At the same time, mixed-use developments are big, expensive projects so it’s critical to develop designs that both meet today’s needs and create room for evolving demands.


Our engineers have significant experience creating compelling mixed-use MEP designs for some of the country’s most innovative developments. Our cross-market experience means we understand each of the development’s functions individually – and as a component of the larger design. It’s critical that people using a mixed-use facility have a streamlined experience, intuitively navigating the distinct functions.

That’s why mixed-use MEP designs can be challenging. We understand how difficult it can be to meet competing demands. The lighting and plumbing needs in a mixed-use community’s gathering space are significantly different from those in a spa or restaurant. Our engineers have deep experience delivering streamlined design solutions that meet competing needs in a cost-effective manner.

We also take pride in the diverse perspectives we bring to a project. Dialectic is routinely cited as one of the most diverse engineering firms in our area. On every project, we see first-hand the value our diversity brings to a design. We also bring insights from across the country and in every sector. We work in every state and deep into every vertical – and it shows. At Dialectic, we stay on top of emerging trends and technologies so we can offer insights that will ensure the space can evolve to meet the next stage of consumer demands.

Success Story: The Capital Grille

JKRP Architects called on Dialectic to solve a plethora of unique challenges as The Capital Grille moved to a new location in Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza district. The 100-year old building previously housed a retail location, requiring significant renovations. The new design featured two kitchens on different levels of the building, bringing another level of complexity to the project. Consistent communication led to proactive planning and quick resolutions to deliver a world-class customer experience.

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