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At Dialectic, we deliver entertainment designs that inspire customers while operating efficiently. We know our mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) designs need to power the facility, engage users – and function seamlessly in the background. 


Entertainment spaces juggle a lot of demands. They need to engage visitors enough to ensure they return. They need to serve multiple functions safely. And they need to operate efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Plus, they need to do all that while supporting a number of functions, everything from multiple kitchens to controlled acoustics. 

That’s where our commitment to clear communication and constant collaboration makes a real and noticeable difference. We know enough to know that listening to our client and really understanding their needs is the foundation of a successful entertainment project, whether it’s a brand new facility, a refresh or a retrofit. 

We also understand the different types of zoning and regulatory demands that entertainment spaces require and help clients navigate state and local building codes. Increasingly, entertainment spaces are investing in sustainable solutions, both to meet client expectations and to enhance efficiency. Our engineers walk through all options with our partners to ensure the final decision meets their needs from every angle – brand image to bottom line.


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Success Story: The Capital Grille

JKRP Architects called on Dialectic to solve a plethora of unique challenges as The Capital Grille moved to a new location in Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza district. The 100-year old building previously housed a retail location, requiring significant renovations. The new design featured two kitchens on different levels of the building, bringing another level of complexity to the project. Consistent communication led to proactive planning and quick resolutions to deliver a world-class customer experience.

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