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Like so many other market sectors, the grocery industry has evolved tremendously in recent years. Consumers are growing more sophisticated about choosing grocers that meet a range of needs while meeting their values on sustainability. 


Dialectic’s MEP engineers have partnered with architects for some of the nation’s most innovative grocery chains to deliver elevated consumer experiences, including on-site dining with commercial kitchens. Our engineers work in every sector, which means we bring tremendously diverse experiences to every project. 

For example, in one grocery store, we may leverage our experience as a leader in commercial kitchens, EV charging stations and energy-efficient lighting. In another, we may focus on installing state-of-the-art kiosks and ambient lighting.

As more grocers expand their offerings to include on-site dining, it’s critical to ensure the facility meets heat, grease exhaust, piping and drainage requirements. The impact of having a full-service kitchen can’t interfere with the quiet, odor-free experience consumers demand when grocery shopping. 

Our engineers are known for their commitment to collaboration and clear and continuous communications, invaluable traits when tackling a complex project like a grocery store. Whether it’s a new build, a brand refresh or a retro-fit, our engineers prioritize partnership.

Success Story: Hy-Vee Fast & Fresh C-Stores

When Hy-Vee was in the planning stages of a 50-location C-Store roll out on a tight timeline, their architect sought out Dialectic due to its experience in C-store projects and quick turnaround on project delivery. Each location needed advanced MEP designs as they planned to provide several elevated amenities for customers. Dialectic worked with the general contractors and four different construction companies to ensure project success.

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