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Insights & News

Our Insights & News page is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the latest trends in MEP design and services. We regularly publish articles on a variety of topics, including new technologies, trends, regulations, and best practices. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your MEP projects.

Sustainable Design

A drop of water with ripples

Every Drop Counts: Water Conservation Strategies for Commercial Buildings

Imagine stepping into a bustling office tower. Lights shine, computers hum, and coffee machines bubble away. But behind the...

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7 Amenities Every EV Charging Station Needs

Electric Vehicle Industry Growth Developing easy-to-make, reliable electric vehicles (EV) has been a challenge of the...

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EV Charging Station

Building EV Charging Stations

Building an EV Charging Station As the rate of US electric vehicle (EV) owners and EV manufacturers rises, EV charging...

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EV Charging Case Study — Confidential Client

Locations: U.S. Services: Mechanical and Electrical CHALLENGE In an effort to increase its sustainability measures, a...

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The Benefits of EV Charging Stations for Your Business

In 2006 Silicon Valley startup Tesla Motors boldly announced it would start producing luxury electric sports cars that could...

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Waterless Urinals – Maintenance is Required

Think about those two words for just a couple of seconds. Even if you’re a woman and won’t ever be using one, think about...

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Retail Client Impacts 2016 California Title 24

BackgroundOn January 1st, 2017, the California 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES) becomes effective, replacing...

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Energy Star for Commercial Buildings

Can earning the Energy Star for commercial buildings help my business? Just about everyone has seen the familiar blue Energy...

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